Nicola Watson
Yoga Instructor

I first started taking yoga when I moved to New York. It quickly became my passion and enabled me to view life with a new and fresh perspective of equilibrium.
I decided to become a yoga teacher - an easy decision as I had enjoyed my previous job as an English teacher. While I trained under Alan Finger (and mentor, Jean Koerner), I became fascinated by the way in which yoga practice could be linked to ayurveda (ancient Indian system of medicine), science and tantric philosophy. Yoga’s philosophies lead to true life health and wellness.

I've lived in 6 cities, 4 countries, have done international moves, have travelled alone, have worked in the corporate sector, have been married, been divorced, been in love and been out of love, been happy and been sad ... and throughout it all have used my yoga practice as a tool to move through with ease, grace and stability.

My goal is to share my passion and knowledge of yoga and to help bring the same enjoyment  to as many people as I can. I love my job and constantly seek new creative ways to express this ancient practice.