Marina Sajina
Yoga Instructor

Marina has been a student of yoga since 2015 and a teacher since 2016. She found yoga (or rather yoga found her) after a studio opened up blocks away from high school. During a pivotal time of her life, yoga became a source of community, wisdom, and inspiration. One of her favorite things about yoga is the reminders it offers us. Reminders to breath, feel, move, and play. It became a constant in her life and something she was always able to look forward to. 

Throughout college, Marina continued her yoga education and obtained her 500-RYT certificate, as well as a Yin Yoga certificate with Jody Domerstad. 

In 2020, Marina moved to Montclair with her partner and their two cats. During the pandemic, her practiced shifted and she began to find inspiration in places outside of the yoga studio. Running, reading, and vipassana meditation became new practices which have become incorporated into her teaching over time. 

Marina found JaiPure in the Spring of 2022 and has been a part of their karma yogi program since. She loves the community JaiPure has built and enjoys running into other yogis around Montclair. 

Marina’s classes are focused on creating a safe, fun environment while guiding students as they rediscover their body and breath. She is extremely grateful for the practice of yoga and being able to share it with others.