Julia Rosenberg
Yoga Instructor

After a lifetime of despising all forms physical activity and not even knowing what yoga really was, Julia's college roommate asked her to take a yoga class with her. A few months later with that class still on her mind she started going back regularly and ever since then she couldn't get enough. Yoga has been a major component in the healing process of mood disorders and chronic illness in Julia's life and once she realized this and came to a place of finding balance mentally and physically she knew she wanted to be a part of bringing this practice to others.

Julia is forever grateful for Marcie and Loryn and their 200HR teacher training program, which she completed in May 2017 and allowed her to dive deeper into the spiritual aspect of yoga. She has also completed Aerial Yoga Level 1 teacher training with AirCat Aerial Arts and Advanced Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Om Factory. Being in the air calms her most as it reminds her that her roots are within her and not below and around her in places or things, so she is grounded wherever life may take her. In her classes Julia aims to cultivate time and space for moments of challenge, play, and relaxation for both the body and mind as all are important for growth and healing.