Yoga Instructor

Jillian Pransky (E-RYT500) is Director of Restorative Yoga Training for Yoga Works NYC and LA and co-director of the Bright Spirit Yoga Teacher Training. She also teaches at world-renowned holistic organizations such as Kripalu, Omega and Feathered Pipe Ranch as well as the New School University. Her Relaxmore CD has garnered excelled reviews from many including the famous Dr. Memhet Oz. She has been featured in many magazines, appeared on CNN, and stars in Yoga 101: A Yoga Experience for High School Students.

Known as a nurturing guide with uplifting energy, Jillian’s teaching focuses on bringing the practice of yoga and meditation into everyday life. Jillian began teaching yoga in 1995 and was initiated into the ISHTA yoga lineage by Yogi Raj Mani Finger in 1997. She also draws from extensive training in somatic movement with Dr. Ruella Frank and Buddhist meditation with Pema Chodron.

These days, her greatest yoga teacher is her 6-year-old William who constantly draws Jillian into the deepest gifts of yoga – compassion, mindfulness, presence, joy, patience and infinite optimism.