Jason Gray
Yoga Instructor

Hello Yogis! I will be your guide for your yoga practice if you decide to journey into my class. I mostly practice Yin, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga, but I believe that I can learn something from every style of yoga. I am a 500 RYT yoga teacher with a background in Ayurveda. I try to bring my learnings from yoga, ayurveda, and everyday life into my class as much as possible. Everybody & every BODY is different. That being said, I always have the students in mind when I teach a class because this is your practice and it should work for you!
A bit about myself - Snowboarding is my favorite activity in the world. When I'm not trying to do a handstand, I'm usually off doing some other activity. You can find me in the ocean surfing, on a mountain snowboarding, outside hiking, and rock climbing. When Im not training physically, you can find me in a cafe trying to further my practice off the mat. Follow my journey on at jaygray_namaste.