Elizabeth Nohra
Aerial Yoga Instructor

As a child, I was always fascinated with the many aspects of life, so I pursued a bachelor's degree in biology from Rutgers University. After graduating, I spent two years as a TA tutoring undergraduates and found my love of teaching. As I furthered my studies, I became aware of the delicate balance between academics and healthy outlets to calm the mind so I could achieve my dreams. One evening I went ballroom dancing with my father and found a supportive community that led me to become a certified dance instructor.

During that time, I was introduced to ballet and yoga, which soon became my foundation for success. Before these practices, I knew who I wanted to become but needed help to navigate my path. Today I'm grateful for the lessons yoga has taught me, and I've found myself expanding my horizons by embracing aerial yoga. Branching up from my mat has opened my mind's eye to orient my body in space better, gravity has assisted my muscles into deeper stretches, and although I do CrossFit and lift weights, I have found nothing challenges my athletic abilities like aerial yoga.

Additionally, the beauty of this art is that every class can be tailored to what any one of us is trying to obtain. I always offer modifications, and my goal is to help guide you down whatever paths you desire to explore. I look forward to sharing my practice with you, and sure you will teach me more along the way.