Contributes toward 50 Hr/Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits
Yin yoga affects our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies and is a practice that emphasizes relaxation of our muscles in various asana postures. Mostly done on the floor, the practice targets on a physical level the connective tissue of the joints. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes with the goal being to safely and therapeutically stretch, stimulate and strengthen these deeper tissues. On an energetic level the practice allows chi/prana to move more fluidly through our meridians. A Yin practice develops mindful awareness of the breath, the body, our emotions and thoughts.

Whether you are a registered yoga teacher desiring to share this practice with your students or an enthusiastic student who is eager to create your own personal Yin practice, this Level 1 Yin training is for you.

No prior teacher training or certification is required just the curiosity and passion to further your understanding of Yin yoga.

S.O.S. Yin training is unique for its inclusion of:

  • Understanding of modern meridian theory and Chinese medicine and how to incorporate these theories into the sequencing of a Yin class.
  • Knowledge of the location and function of the human bodies' organs and all major systems...circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, and nervous system.
  • Exposure to the "need to know" joints, ligaments, muscles, and the fascial system in the body to effectively practice or teach Yin sequencing.
  • Include mudras, acupressure, breath techniques, and Taoist organ visualization meditations into your practice or while teaching.
  • Understanding how to confidently hold a safe space for your students.
  • Develop a personal mindfulness practice and mindful self compassion practice: Metta.
  • Exploring how to creatively incorporate other healing modalities into your class.
  • Exploring how to creatively incorporate other healing modalities into your class.
  • Understanding how to tailor the practice to different populations by using various props and hands on assistance.
  • Sequencing of postures for various levels, from the beginner to the intermediate student.

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