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We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, customized, and professional massage therapy and spa services. The tensions and stresses of our modern-day lifestyles make massage an essential part of a health and wellness routine. Our goal is to help you in making massage and bodywork an integral part of your life by focusing on health and wellness.

About Justin Hoitsma:

While health and wellness have always been a part of my life, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I actually started to hone in on my own inner voice. Growing up without direct access to the tools of wellness, I unintentionally took my health for granted by following the footsteps of those who were close to me and lacked the fundamental importance of having a self-care routine. Although I did have an inner sense for this need, any motivation I may have had was overrun by the beliefs and influence of our modern Western culture.

By the age of seventeen, my inner voice became stronger as I began meditating and exploring alternative forms of healing. Shortly after, I intuitively began to practice yoga and meditation, which introduced me to the vast expanse of body-based healing modalities - including massage therapy. My relationship with the outside world began to take a shift as a result of the changes occurring within my psyche. As I dove deeper into my therapeutic practices, I discovered the fundamental, intimate connection between the body, mind, and breath. I was able to enter into a calm and relaxed meditative state just by moving my physical body with controlled, focused intent. Alongside these newly awakened mental benefits, I was also experiencing greater energy, less inflammation in my body, clearer and healthier skin, and a newfound sense of vitality.  My life expanded in many ways thereafter.

And I knew at that point I was ready to share all the teachings that I have received.

Continuing on this unfolding journey of self-discovery and healing led me to where I am today: feeling more aligned with what I want to be sharing in the world by becoming a certified yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist that integrates the heart, mind, and body. And I am deeply honored to share these wonderful healing modalities with you, and many others, guided by my own personal experience.

Services Offered:

30/60/90 minute massage sessions - Discount offered with JaiPure Yoga Massage Auto Renew ($40. annually)

Add ons offered: Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Heat Packs, Cold/Hot Stone Therapy, CBD Therapy, Reflexology, Dry Brushing, Percussion Therapy, Stretch Therapy

Office Hours:


Tues - 10:30 - 8pm

Wed - 10 - 8pm

Thurs - 10 - 8pm


Sat - 9 - 4pm