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We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, customized, and professional massage therapy and spa services. The tensions and stresses of our modern-day lifestyles make massage an essential part of a health and wellness routine. Our goal is to help you in making massage and bodywork an integral part of your life by focusing on health and wellness.

About Justin Hoitsma:

Health and wellness has always been an innate and natural part of my life, but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I’d actually start to listen to my own inner voice. Growing up and not having direct access to the tools of wellness from a young age, I unintentionally took my health for granted by following in the footsteps of those who were close to me who lacked the fundamental importance of having a self-care routine. Although I did have an inner sense for this need, any intuitive thought I may have had was over-run by the beliefs and influence from our modern day Western culture.

By the age of 17 my inner voice became stronger and I started to meditate and practice alternative forms of healing, and by the time I reached my mid 20’s I intuitively began to practice yoga and explore the benefits of massage therapy. My understanding and relationship with the outside world began to take a shift as a result of the changes occurring within my psyche. And as I dove deeper into my therapeutic practices I discovered that there is a unique and intricate connection between the body and mind. I found that I was able to enter into a calm and relaxed meditation state just by moving my physical body with controlled and focused intent or by receiving hands on therapeutic touch. And aside from all the mental benefits, I also found that I had much more energy, clearer, healthier skin, less physical pain in my body, and I just felt better overall, which helped to improve my life in many ways.

By continuing on this amazing journey of self discovery and healing, it has ultimately led me to where I am today - feeling more aligned with what I want to be sharing in the world by becoming a certified yoga instructor, and a licensed massage therapist. And I am truly grateful and inspired to share these wonderful healing modalities with you, and many others, guided by my own personal experience. So I thank you, for putting your trust in my ability to help you along this wonderful path.

Services Offered:

30/60/90 minute massage sessions - Discount offered with JaiPure Yoga Auto Renew membership

Add ons offered: Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Heat Packs, Cold/Hot Stone Therapy, CBD Therapy, Reflexology, Dry Brushing, Percussion Therapy, Stretch Therapy