Why Try Yoga: HOT OR NOT?

In our modern day culture, yoga offers an oasis of calm, steadiness and community. Yoga has been in existence over 5,000 years with proven benefits: balance of cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems, increased strength, range of motion, flexibility, focus, and self awareness. It has been documented to decrease anxiety, depression, stress, physical aches and pains, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

At JaiPure Yoga, there are several classes for those new to yoga: Pure Basic, Iyengar Open Level, Mindful Flow, Flow  & Let Go, Tri-Vinyasa Pure Flow, Restorative, and Pure Yin. The class descriptions will help you choose.

We also have TWO yoga rooms: one with INFRARED HEAT and one non hot. INFRARED heat creates a heat that deeply pentrates the body resulting in detoxing and purifying the system physically and energetically that increases overall well-being on many levels.

Practitioners often have questions the following questions:

Do you have to be in good shape and flexible to start a yoga practice?

No. Yoga is a good start, and will have you restore your strength, muscle tone, increased flexibility, and youthfulness.

Is the yoga practice for all ages?

Absolutely! Just look at our class schedule and levels.

What should I wear?

How about you outfit yourself from our retail store? Only kidding. Best to wear lightweight comfortable clothing to move freely about.

Can I eat and drink before practice?

Best not to eat two hours prior to practice. A small amount of fruit and hydrating snacks are fine. However, remember to hydrate…water is a good choice.

How often should I practice?

Practice makes perfect! Practice involves a commitment to yourself to get on the mat. Start with two days a week so it is an attainable goal. Ultimately, you can work up to six or seven days a week.

Can I practice if I have health problems?

Always consult with your doctor or health provider first. Also contact us to find out which classes and teachers are most appropriate for you.

Is yoga fun?

We think so! If it's not fun, you shouldn't be doing it. Yoga can help you uncover the strength, balance, peace and happiness waiting to be discovered inside you.

Most of all, for those new to yoga, JPY offers a secure, safe place to learn, explore and grow as well as a wonderful sense of community. You'll be able to learn from seasoned teachers and experience the full scope of yoga, which embodies so much more than the physical postures.

Practice does make perfect...Perfect for you.

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