JaiPure’s FAR Infrared heat system is designed to promote purification, detoxification and overall enhanced well being.  FAR Infrared therapy is the best way to eliminate metals, chemicals and toxins from the physical and energetic body. FAR Infrared is similar to the solar or sun heat.  This type of invisible light is absorbed by the skin, clothes and other objects. Most hot studios instruct yoga classes in forced air heated rooms.  Unlike FAR Infrared, this type of heating system only heats the body from the outside. FAR infrared heat, however, provides therapeutic, deep penetrating detoxing, which expels toxins, heavy metals and pollutants from the body, providing significant benefits. The benefits of FAR Infrared Heat are both preventative and purifying.

It has been stated that the FAR natural heating mechanism heats from the inside raising the body temperature to create an “artificial fever.” Studies have shown that in this physical state, white blood cells (infection fighters) are produced and cancer cells growth is slowed. Similarly, calories are burned more quickly and in greater quantity. 

Purify, Practice and Enjoy !