Class Descriptions

At JaiPure Yoga, we are committed to fulfilling your health and practice needs. We have a variety of classes, some of which will be heated. The heat (Not So Hot - 80° to 90°), set to a comfortable and ideal temperature, will never rise above your core internal body temperature. In this environment, when you practice, the internal body can be heated up gradually, allowing for a much healthier way for you to remove toxins from the inside out. 

Basic Flow - Donation Class

This mindful flow class is designed to be slower paced with special attention paid to alignment as well as linking movement with breath.  Postures will be broken down so they are accessible to all.

Beneficial to the beginner as well as intermediate students, this class is perfect for those who are excited to delve more deeply into asana and breathwork and explore the benefits of a yoga practice.


Mindful Flow

In a JPY Mindful Flow class, you will begin with poses to gently open the body, then move to slow flow to stretch and strengthen the body. Class may conclude with passive, restorative poses. Open to all levels but especially those new to yoga. 

Mindful Flow with Meditation

This 75 minute class will start with a gentle yet energizing vinyasa flow to stretch and strengthen the body and conclude with a guided meditation to  calm the mind. Open to all levels but especially those new to yoga. Also a great way to cultivate a personal meditation practice.

INFRARED Mindful Tibetan Flow

This class will focus on breath and movement to energize the prana yet calm the wind channels. The goal is to increase focus, clarity, physical strength and coordination. Leave class feeling mentally and physically balanced. For all levels.

In an INFRARED Heated room to 90 degrees.

Tri-Vinyasa Pure Flow

In a JPY Tri-Vinyasa Pure Flow practice, you will experience the three realms of yoga: physical, energetic, and spiritual. The physical practice will be vigorous with precise alignment instructions. Chanting, dharma, pranayama, and deep relaxation will also be included. Tri-Vinyasa cultivates an integrated practice that is physically challenging yet deeply aware of the subtle aspects of the asana on body, mind, and spirit, all united -- all one. Suitable for all levels.

Pure Flow

In a JPY Pure Flow practice, you will experience strong Vinyasa sequences linking yoga postures (asanas) with breath. Deep relaxation, music, chanting, dharma, pranayama, and meditation may be integrated depending on the style of the teacher. Suitable for all levels.

INFRARED Pure Powerflow

In a power flow yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work. Students will move quickly between poses and the poses often focus on building muscular strength and endurance. 

In an INFRARED heated room to 90 degrees.

Pure Hot 26x2

This class is a moving meditation based on a series of 26 postures that are practiced in two sets, in a heated studio in a slightly condensed version that lasts for approx 75 minutes. Though rigorous, this class is meant for ALL levels, from the more experienced practitioner to the beginner. 

 What you'll need:

  • Yoga mat with a yoga towel or regular bath or beach towel. You are likely to sweat in the heated room as you move through the postures and you don’t want your feet to slip on your mat

  • Water to sip


Whether 60 or 75 minutes, same as a Pure Flow class but in an Infrared Heated room heated to 90 to 95 degrees.

Iyengar Basics/Level 1

Iyengar Basics/Level 1 is for the new Iyengar Yoga students as well as those who wish to bring a deeper understanding and integrity to their yoga practice.  Whether starting at the beginning or going back to the basics, you will gain a strong foundation of the fundamental actions and alignment of the poses.  Standing poses, seated poses, twists as well as some basic inversions will be taught. The rope wall may also be used.

Iyengar - Open Level

In a JPY Iyengar class, following in the tradition of Sri BKS Iyengar, you will experience the following: an emphasis on alignment and organization within body, mind, and spirit, the use of multiple props to aid alignment and balance, a holding of poses, and ultimately achievement of "meditation in action." Suitable for all levels.

Iyengar - Level 2

For continuing students who would like to strengthen their practice. Exploration of forward and backward extensions and all inversions plus further yoga philosophy will be taught.

Pure Restorative

In a JPY Restorative class, you will experience the following: pranayama, supported poses that are held to induce physical and mental release and relaxation, and meditation. Supported poses involve the use of props: blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs, and weights. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Nidra and Nervous System Reset

This class will have some gentle movement and breath work (pranayama) specifically designed to bring the body out of anxiety and into a state of relaxation. 

Yoga Nidra is a technique that allows us to deeply relax the physical body and calm the nervous system. Through a series of mental activities, we arrive in the hypnagogic state - the state between sleep and awake where our physical body is asleep and your mental state is alert. Here, we can reset mental patterns and clear energetic blockages. 

Due to this deep physical rest yet mental recharge, leave class feeling lighter, happier, and balanced. 

Pure Yin

In a JPY Yin class, you will find a perfect compliment to your yang practice. Yin postures are done seated or laying on the floor. Poses are held 3 to 5 minutes each with all muscles relaxed and released. Yin practice benefits the physical body by freeing up the tight connective tissue capsules that form around the muscles and joints.  More importantly, the long holds in a single still Yin posture become a time of inner reflection, meditation, and peace.

Emerge from this practice feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually renewed. Suitable for all levels.

Resistance Yoga and Fitness

In a Resistance Yoga and Fitness class, students will work on strengthening their body while also building flexibility in all areas. When we work on strengthening, we work against resistance that is brought upon us by an outside force. In this class, we use resistance bands, blocks, and blankets to improve muscular strength and endurance in the body. Students will incorporate these different modalities, through different poses on their mat, with the inclusion of bodyweight movements to raise the heart rate.

Class will be Virtual to start.

Link to resistance bands:

Virtual Class

In a JaiPure Virtual practice, enjoy the same benefits of a live class in the comfort of your own home.

Aerial - Open Level

Come familiarize yourself with our aerial yoga silks which are suspended like a hammock and sit approx. 4' off the floor. In a JPY Aerial open class, you will experience the following: sun salutations using the aerial hammock, standing and balancing postures using the hammock, some beginner tricks and flips. As your comfort level grows, you will learn more tricks and/or strength poses. Come experience deep relaxation wrapped in a cocoon-- and the effects of antigravity! Suitable for all levels.

Aerial Mindful Flow and Meditation

Come familiarize yourself with our aerial yoga silks which are suspended like a hammock and sit approx. 4' off the floor. In a JPY Aerial Mindful Flow and Meditation class you will experience the following: sun salutations, standing postures, supported inversions, and restorative postures using the hammock. The class will conclude with a guided meditation in the air. Come experience deep relaxation wrapped in a cocoon-- and the effects of antigravity! Suitable for all levels.

Tween Aerial

For kids aged 9 to 12. Come enjoy and have fun on the aerial hammocks. Kids will learn sun salutations, basic routines and tricks but mainly have fun. Come defy gravity! Only 8 spots available. First come, first serve.