JAIvictory, powerful win
PUREperfect, genuine, nature
YOGAunion, oneness

JAIPURE, (jī-pyu̇r), a combination of both English and Sanskrit translates to PURE VICTORY. To be victorious in purity requires self mastery over the vices and cultivation, through committed practice, to the virtues. At JaiPure Yoga, we encourage personal transformation, at your own pace, in your own time, and in your own way. We simply offer a sacred and safe space.  Yoga is many things to all people at different times.  Sometimes we want a physical workout, and other times mental focus or spiritual study and still, other times, an integration of all 3. At JPY, we aim to offer all 3 aspects of yoga, and then you choose your own focus.

We invite you to journey on your own personal path. To practice -- physically, mentally and spiritually until you reach a state of personal peace. Enjoy the journey and embrace the practice.

Our mission is simple - PERFECTION IS IN THE PRACTICE!

Join us at JaiPure Yoga, a Center that welcomes all practitioners, all types of yoga and all levels– Jai!